Paediatric Hypnotherapy

Paediatric Hypnotherapy

Unfortunately, today’s children and young people suffer from many stresses and challenges: learning, school and exam concerns; family and relationship issues; development of friendships and bullying; all of which can be exacerbated in a digital world where social media and the internet may adversely impact upon a young person’s development. This often creates anxiety and can lower their self-esteem; therefore it is important to recognise concerning changes in behaviour and personality and address these promptly.

Children can develop unhelpful habits like bed-wetting, difficulty sleeping, thumb sucking and picky eating.  They can also have fears and phobias, just like adults, like the fear of spiders, clowns, dogs/animals, lifts, public toilets, enclosed spaces, or flying.

Hypnotherapy works wonderfully well with children and young people; they have amazing imaginations and can easily visualise stories and adventures making it much easier to change their perception and make positive improvements.

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