We all want to reach our true potential, which is why so many are turning to hypnotherapy.

Whether you want to manage your stress levels, adopt a healthier lifestyle or make other positive changes, I will work with you to identify your goals and will help you to make positive and lasting changes.

Email katie@csch.scot or complete the contact form for your free, no obligation, phone consultation.

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Therapies - AnxietyHypnotherapy for anxiety and panic can help boost confidence and self-belief while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry.



stressAll of our worries get stored in a metaphorical “stress bucket”. Hypnotherapy provides methods for emptying it.


Smoking Cessation

stressHypnotherapy can be very effective for quitting smoking. Most people require only one hypnotherapy session.


Bereavement & Loss

stressI am so sorry for your loss.  Please know that there is hope and help is available when you need it.  Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome grief and loss and reach the stage where the memories of your loved one can be enjoyed without the attached pain of missing them.  <More>


insomniaHypnotherapy can help you to break the cycle of sleepless nights by encouraging relaxation.


Weight Management

insomniaPeople find hypnotherapy helpful for achieving a healthy weight in the long-term. It works with your subconscious mind to allow for a change of mindset, habits and relationship with food. <More>

Pain Management

stressPain is something we all experience to some extent throughout our lives. When pain becomes persistent it becomes more complex. Many people use hypnotherapy as an effective tool in the management of pain and pain perception. <More>

Paediatric Hypnotherapy

stressUnfortunately children and young people suffer from many stresses and challenges: learning, school and exam concerns; family and relationship issues; development of friendships and bullying; all of which can be exacerbated in a digital world. This often creates anxiety and can lower self-esteem. Children can also develop unhelpful habits like bed-wetting, difficulty sleeping, thumb sucking and picky eating. Hypnotherapy works wonderfully well with children. <More>

Here are some conditions where hypnotherapy may help. The list is not exhaustive, if something is troubling you, please contact me to discuss it at no charge and without obligation.

  • Public Speaking
  • Communication and Relationship issues
  • Teenage worries
  • Exam Nerves
  • Sports Performance
  • Quit smoking
  • IBS
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