July 2024

I have recently been going through a traumatic time in my life and to be honest, probably for most of my life, and over the years I have tried numerous therapies, but none ever really worked, so I thought I would give Katie a go as I’d heard many good things and anyway, apart from the cost of her service I had nothing to lose.

Well I’ve been for 3 sessions so far and I am now in a better place than I’ve ever been in my whole life. She has helped me feel so positive about my future, I am much calmer, I deal with what used make me anxious and stressed a lot better than I’ve ever done. I also have so much more energy and my eating and digestion are so much better and I don’t sweat as much when dealing with daily life, and my sleeping is just fantastic as I listen to Katie’s recording once in bed.

I totally recommend Katie. I can’t put my finger on exactly what she does, but whatever it is, it works for me.”


June 2024

I lost faith and confidence not only in myself but also in my own body after quite a traumatic experience after my hysterectomy. Other events and of course the dreaded lockdown then took its toll. I really really didn’t want to leave the house, I was piling on the weight and even though I wanted to or at least thought I did, it was almost like everything I tried a brick wall would appear in front of me and there was no way round or over it. Then there was the excessive snacking, filling a hole maybe! 

I tried lots of different things, was on anti depressants for a while and nothing really fitted what it was i needed help with. After a lot of research and gathering the courage I finally contacted Katie at Central Scotland Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I was nervous and sceptical but after my first session and that amazing feeling of calm, I knew this was for me. I followed Katies plan, always done my ‘homework’ and can say with absolute honesty and certainty that it was these sessions with Katie that helped me gain confidence, trust my body and most of all just like myself again. Katie makes you feel ‘normal’ and that these feelings, doubts etc you are having are normal as well and it’s ok to get help to sort them out.

Katie, thank you so much for everything, you made me feel at ease during that first phone call and ever since.


May 2024

I had sessions to help me deal with anxiety & overthinking.

Katie took time to thoroughly understand my issues and tailored the sessions and recordings to suit me perfectly. Her soothing voice & words had me so relaxed, I fell completely asleep on two occasions and had to be woken up. 

Living so far away from Katie, one to one sessions were not possible, so we did a mixture of online sessions and remote recordings for me to listen to, which worked well, along with regular text check-ins. 

I’ve really felt the benefits of the sessions and continue to enjoy the recordings daily. 

I would highly recommend working with Katie if you’re thinking of hypnotherapy

Name Withheld

April 2024

Katie helped me so much through my anxiety and panic attacks.

After Covid, I was really struggling to go anywhere alone and was having panic attacks while in the car alone on even the shortest journey. I was always making excuses to get out of going to friends parties etc. Having tried everything, including tablets from the doctor, I thought I would try hypnotherapy.

Katie was great and really understanding. Even after the 1st session I felt a bit better. After my hypnotherapy sessions I am now back driving alone, able to go places alone, even managed an interview and bagged a promotion at work. If it wasn’t for Katie and the hypnotherapy I have no idea where I would be now. Thanks so much for helping me be able live life again!

Name Withheld

John – March 2024

I have been suffering from anxiety based on an irrational fear I have developed whilst sleeping at altitude. This became an issue three or four years ago whilst on a skiing holiday.

I had no problem skiing during the day at the same or even higher altitude but often in the night I was overcome with a fear that I couldn’t breath sufficiently causing a mild panic attack and inability to sleep.

Having listened to a relaxation recording provided by Katie prior to going skiing and if anxious during the night when on holiday this year as well, I found I slept soundly every night whilst at high altitude.

Her recordings help to instil confidence and induce relaxation. It made my holiday so much better.


September 2023

I’d like to start by saying that before my first session with Katie I was a little apprehensive and unsure what to expect. That feeling quickly went away within a few minutes of chatting to Katie as she made me feel very relaxed and welcome very quickly.

Over the years my fear of flying increased. I love travelling and want to visit as many places in the world that I can however the thought of flights to get to many places was putting me off. 

I had a number of sessions with Katie ahead of my first holiday after the covid restrictions had lifted. I could feel a difference in myself from the moment I got up in the morning. I didn’t have the same worries as normal and was actually looking forward to my holiday rather than worrying about the flight to get there.

One year on and I have been on a few planes now and I am delighted that the flight is still not a worry for me and I can enjoy the whole experience from start to finish.

I definitely feel Katie has helped me overcome the anxiety I felt before and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for some help. 

Name Withheld

Tracy – August 2023

I have always been a nervous flyer but since having my children my nervous turned into absolute fear. Haven’t been on a plane in 9 years, this year though my kids begged me to go abroad, so I bit the bullet and booked up to go to Lanzarote. From the minute it was booked my irrational thoughts and fears would keep me awake at night, have daily panic attacks & my whole mood was low until I found Katie,
After 3 sessions with her I was able to go on my holiday, not only that I was so calm the whole journey and home again that we have booked up to go away again. Can’t believe I’ve missed out on holidays for so long. Can’t thank her enough.


Tom – June 2023

I have suffered from IBS for a number of years, and at times it can be difficult living and dealing with it.

I came across an article about how hypnotherapy could help those with IBS. When I looked into it in a bit more detail the potential positive results sounded very promising.

I subsequently contacted Katie Peterson who is a fully qualified hypnotherapy practitioner. A meeting was then set up for an initial discussion with Katie. That’s when I found her to be extremely professional and passionate about the work she does.

A programme was then put in place and sessions which usually lasted around ninety minutes arranged. After each of these Katie would send out a recording of what had taken place, and what action I needed to take before the next appointment.

There is no cure for IBS but I can say that my symptoms are much reduced and I am more confident in dealing with it as Katie installs a positive can do attitude which helps me deal with IBS.

I would accordingly have no hesitation in recommending Katie to anyone thinking about contacting her to see what hypnotherapy can offer you.”


Pauline – June 2023

I cannot recommend working with Katie highly enough.
From our first consultation it was evident that she truly listened, which is a very rare quality, in todays fast paced world.
Although I initially referred myself for weight management, it was evident that a lot of other factors were also at play.
My sessions were tailor made for me, and the light bulb moments I’ve experienced in this journey have been quite extraordinary. No more desire to raid cupboards at midnight and I’m down an easy 14 lbs.
Katie – you’ve given me back my power; belief; and zest for life and that is immeasurable.
Thank you.


Ross – January 2023

I went to the dentist last night. Had a filling repaired and it was completely fine. Still a touch nervous before going in but during and after was great.

Many thanks for your help, what a difference!


Heather- January 2023

I had never experienced hypnotherapy before, but I felt well supported and looked after by Katie at CSCH. She did a brilliant job of putting me at ease, explaining the process of each session thoroughly and answering any of my questions to help relax my mind.

Katie is knowledgeable and professional, and I could always tell that she tailored each session specifically to my needs. After just a few sessions, I noticed a huge difference in my everyday life, and Katie has continued to support me after the sessions to ensure my confidence remains high.

Heather – January 2023

Review – Adrienne

I recently attended CSCH where Katie helped me with my anxiety.

I found her treatment relaxing and her voice very calming. She also gave me some self help advice.

Katie was  professional and very knowledgeable in her field.

I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Thank you Katie.

Adrienne – October 2022

Review – Claire

Katie is a lovely warm friendly person that immediately puts you at ease. She has access to a range of tools for personal transformation. These tools allow you to focus on what you want to focus on, achieve your goals and have confidence in yourself. Her voice is deeply relaxing and soothing and the hypnosis is very powerful and transformative.

Claire – October 2022

Review – Anna

I can really recommend Katie Peterson and her amazing hypnotherapy sessions. She makes healing, learning and relaxation feel easy, fun and simple. Your conscious mind will let go of deeper life issues as the unconscious parts of you are addressed calmly, gently and gracefully; by the flow of her compassionate, kind and supportive words that just wash over you. I am full of creative new ideas after these positive encounters, and the grief, loss and trauma that has weighed heavily on my heart since last year is gradually lifting away now; leaving me with only the pure essence of love from my mum, and all of my beloved ones in spirit…

I have also received some hypnotherapy audio files, so I can reinforce all of the abundance in my own space. Thankyou sincerely for all your special gifts dear soul… xxx


Review – Fiona

I attended sessions with Katie in advance of having a medical procedure that I had rearranged a number of times due to almost debilitating anxiety.

Katie was kind, professional and very easy to talk to. She put me at ease throughout every session and took time to talk through what would happen.

The results were staggering. Due to significantly reduced anxiety, I was able to have my procedure, during which I used methods that Katie taught me to keep me relaxed. I use these methods in other areas of my life now too!

I would thoroughly recommend Katie to anyone looking to try hypnotherapy sessions, she’s truly wonderful.

Fiona – October 2022

Review – Michela

I had my first experience of hypnotherapy with Katie last summer and it was a real surprise.

During a very stressful time of my life, Katie helped me focus and face my difficulties with more confidence. After each session, I felt relaxed, more mindful and optimistic.

I must say I didn’t expect that: after only 3 sessions, I could feel the difference; I felt better and I found again the strength to go through the challenges that life was presenting.

I can warmly recommend Katie’s services.

Michela – October 2022
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