Tom – June 2023

I have suffered from IBS for a number of years, and at times it can be difficult living and dealing with it.

I came across an article about how hypnotherapy could help those with IBS. When I looked into it in a bit more detail the potential positive results sounded very promising.

I subsequently contacted Katie Peterson who is a fully qualified hypnotherapy practitioner. A meeting was then set up for an initial discussion with Katie. That’s when I found her to be extremely professional and passionate about the work she does.

A programme was then put in place and sessions which usually lasted around ninety minutes arranged. After each of these Katie would send out a recording of what had taken place, and what action I needed to take before the next appointment.

There is no cure for IBS but I can say that my symptoms are much reduced and I am more confident in dealing with it as Katie installs a positive can do attitude which helps me deal with IBS.

I would accordingly have no hesitation in recommending Katie to anyone thinking about contacting her to see what hypnotherapy can offer you.”

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